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In the United States online sales rose from 1% of retail in 200 to 16% or retail in 2019. Online sales in Australia reached 10% of all retail in 2018 and estimates suggest it will reach 22% of retail sales in Australia by 2023.The online retailers will include those which are exclusively online, like Alibaba, those that started off online before are moving offline like Amazon, those that started offline and have moved online like Coles and those that are truly omnichannel like Apple.

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While most of these businesses will market widely, they will also increase their commitment to reducing the cost of marketing, increasing sales, boosting margins and building value into their brand with online and brand communities. As Seth Godin has noted in at least two books – Tribes and Permission Marketing are a big part of the future of marketing.

There is increasing evidence to suggest that the future of cost-effective marketing for many businesses lies at the intersection of e-commerce and community. While e-commerce and community can drive profitability individually, their value can be magnified many times where they are integrated.

E-commerce and community services offered by DQ Australia address:

  • E-commerce strategy
  • Online and brand community strategy
  • E-commerce platform development and customisation
  • Online and brand community platform development and customisation
  • Omni-channel marketing in an online and offline environment
  • Online and brand community development and engagement
  • E-commerce and online community integration

E-commerce And Community Services

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