June 26, 2020
Google’s May 2020 Core Update: What we need to know and how it has impacted search results?

Every year, Google unveils a couple of elementary changes to its procedure of amending search results and introduce people to the new ways of search. The internet search giant rolls out such updates to its algorithm at least three to four times a year. In 2020, the first core algorithm update that Google revealed was in January. And within four months, i.e., in May, it decided to roll out another core update to its algorithm.

The Big Announcement

On May 4, 2020, Danny Sullivan, the public voice of Google’s search-related topics declared the massive update to its core algorithm. We now know it as the ‘May 2020 Core Update’. As pointed out earlier, though Google undertakes such updates at least three to four times in a year, this time it was a bit different. Google termed it as the core update because of the significant change it has made to its search algorithm.

Basics and what happens in a Google update?

This implies that the Google core algorithm update 2020 will affect a lot of websites in the long run. Not only this but it is also supposed to bring about unexpected search engine results pages (SERP) volatility as well. To get a better idea, readers can refer to the pertinent data provided on the SEMRush Sensor. The SEMrush Sensor is responsible for overseeing the movement related to the Google search results.

Its Prime Objective

From the time of its emergence, Google hasn’t missed out on bringing significant updates to its search engine algorithm. The primary objective behind the exercise is to streamline and optimise the search experience for users. Conversely, this allows users to find more effective, informative as well as reliable content. Google’s May Core Updates 2020 aims at improving the procedure via which its algorithms evaluate and rewards the best content. So, it can effectively increase the ranking rate of your website’s SERPs that might have been receiving low weightage earlier.

It Targets The Most Affected Domains

Google’s core updates predominantly target those sites whose SEO rankings have dropped down significantly. With ample amendments being made every year to search algorithms, users are likely to witness notable changes in their search experience. These core updates not only improve the ranking rates for separate keywords but also the overall shape of SERPs. The visibility of most of these domains can be impacted either positively or negatively by the Google Core Update.

What Else?

Some of the domains are impacted both negatively and positively. Have you witnessed a negative impact after adhering to Google’s May 2020 core update? If, yes, then don’t think that your website’s search engine result (SERP) ranking rate is going to lower reasonably. Conversely, it may be the case that one of your competitors is performing better on Google’s Keyword Ranking than you are.

Which Domains Are Affected By This Update?

According to Google’s important updates, Google’s Core Update of 2020 has brought about significant changes to its search engine algorithms. This has impacted the search results for several sectors all across the globe. Some of these sectors have witnessed a surge in traffic while others have registered sharp declines. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant drop in searches for sectors including in-person events, live events, travel & tourism and real estate.

Most Affected Industries

Some of the analysts even drew a comparison of volatility value a week before and two days after the update’s proclamation. That apart, this kind of comparison was drawn with the help of the SEMrush Sensor. According to this, the sectors which immediately benefitted include news, business & industrial, online communities, arts & entertainment, health, people & society, etc. On the other hand, there are many sectors whose SEO services have been negatively affected due to this update. So, given below is a comprehensive list of all those industries which have encountered a striking slump in their SEO ranking position.

  • Books and Literature
  • Beauty and Fitness
  • Home and Garden
  • Law and Government
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Hobbies and Leisure
  • Jobs and Education
  • Internet and Education
  • Internet and Telecom
  • People and Society
  • Computer and Electronics
  • Shopping
  • Pets and Animals
  • Games
  • News
  • Business and Industrial
  • Online Communities and
  • Art and Entertainment

The offline entertainment sector has also been affected due to the Google Core Update 2020. Say, for instance, the US-based event management and ticketing website Eventbrite has witnessed a major slump in its organic status by losing 44 positions consecutively.

What You Can Do Now?

Are you thinking of ways to optimise the benefits of Google May Core Update, 2020? If yes, you can skim through the various guidelines of Google that have completely remained unchanged. Also, if you wish, you can take a look at Google’s SERPs volatility of the last 30 days. The bottom line is, Google believes in bringing not constant but effective changes to its search algorithm to improve the search experience for its users.

Go Ahead!

Google firmly believes that breakthrough changes cannot be brought in its ranking strategies and algorithm updates. So, through such effective core updates every year, it aims at providing cumulatively feasible services to its users. This allows searchers to find out more informative and high-quality content to ensure reasonable organisational development.

What’s From Your End?

So, you should start preparing from today itself. Each of the contents that you are posting on your website must be reasonably compelling. Make sure the choice of keywords is quite relevant with the help of high-end keyword research tools. In the end, ascertain that each of your contents is optimally engaging with the incorporation of the most relevant keywords. Besides, the contents which you will post on your website must be designed in an SEO friendly manner. Last but not least, before uploading content to your website, make sure that they comprise the least SEO errors.

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