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Creating Videos leading to building brand communities. Every brand seeks to engage customers with exciting content to get their attention. In the digital era, nothing works better than captivating videos as content to capture attention in a time constraint world. Today, customers prefer exciting videos over plain text and images as its impact stays for a long time.

Our video production service in Perth creates a consistent brand identity through videos that create an experience for your customers like never seen before. We believe that making videos is not just about recording, it’s about creating a visually appealing picture that engages with your customers like a conversation. We use top-notch software for creating video and animation rooted in creativity and storyline.

Our designers have worked with clients around the globe and created videos that engage with clients. Every project is different and, so will be our approach. With us, you get personalised service that differentiates your brand from the rest. Our team of graphic designers and video editors have drafted 1000+ of video content, bringing unique imagination and stories to life.

What all we have to offer in Our Video & Animation Services?

We live and breathe creativity, and you will come to see that in our videos and animations that we make for your business. It goes without saying videos are one of the best ways to captivate people’s attention. We give our best shot in making every second count to deliver a memorable and entertaining picture to the target audience. Our exceptional portfolio created over the years has created gems that have enjoyed massive success and formed a deeper connection with the audience.

Types of Animations we specialise in
  • Explainer Videos
  • Whiteboard Animations
  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Advertisement Videos
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Our Animated Video Production Process

We, at DQ Australia, believe that a well-formulated strategy can create wonders and achieve extraordinary results for clients. Over the years, we have worked with dynamic industries and domains and produced exceptional high end animated videos to create magic on screen. Just like every brand has its own story, our designers and artists work with a specialised approach to make unique tailored videos and animations as per client’s requirements. Below is the chronological followed by our video editors and graphic designers to commence any project.

  • 1. Collecting Information We give our clients a lot of freedom to share their valuable inputs and guide us in any direction with the expectations they want to seek in their video. Our team of professional video makers tries to gather information by communicating with clients by preparing a brief questionnaire highlighting target audience, purpose, features etc.
  • 4. Storyboard Storyboard functions like a map in the animated video as it shows the narrative flow of the video, scene by scene. While preparing it, we create hand-drawn sketches of the video in chronological order. Having a storyboard helps us prepare well in advance about the visual flow of the video and make any changes if necessary.
  • 2. Conceptualisation On the grounds of information received from our clients, we create a framework by flexing our brain muscles and put them down on paper. We decide the length, script, and idea which goes as per the client’s project and its industry to deliver their message across the target audience.
  • 5. Visual Style We create a visual style based on the client’s brand which will be inclusive of character design, eye background colour, and icons. There is no trace of doubt that animation is a time-consuming process; therefore, our designers do the brainstorming to get the best picture for our clients.
  • 3. Recording Voiceover An impactful narration works like oxygen in the video. Our expert's visual artists select the best voice over as per the client’s brand tone based on tone, pace, and pitch.
  • 6. Music Video without enthralling music is dead. For our clients, we choose licenced royalty-free music from legitimate sources to get the best soundtrack.

DQ Australia’s created videos are meant to charm the audience. Geared with the best video designer and animator in Perth, DQ Australia is the right company choice for your business’s video design and animation service.


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