In 1962 Kodak sales topped US$1 billion. By 1981 Kodak sales had grown to US$10 billion. But in 2012, Kodak filed for bankruptcy. Despite designing the first digital camera Kodak was destroyed by the digital revolution. Why? Because Kodak had a low DQ!

IQ measures raw intelligence. EQ measures how socially competent you are. AQ measures adaptability in times of adversity. DQ measures digital readiness.

While IQ and EQ largely apply to individuals, AQ and DQ apply equally to individuals and the organisations they work for. Both AQ and DQ are increasingly important determinants of success.

DQ indicates the capabilities of an individual or business – reflecting the capacity to fully leverage the opportunities created by the digital revolution – and the ability to address the competitive pressures that follow.

Like IQ, EQ and AQ, DQ can be measured, improved and monitored. DQ Australia was established to help organisations and their staff to maximise their DQ, and in so doing, drive performance.


Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman and his co-author Amos Nathan Tversky wrote that the ‘fear of loss’ is more powerful than the prospect of gains. In the business context, the fear of falling behind competitors is more compelling than the prospect of moving ahead.

The fear of loss – in this case – the fear of falling behind the competition in terms of exploiting the revolutionary potential of digital technology is a powerful driver for the clients of DQ Australia. Curiously, so is the desire to move forward to stay ahead of competitors.

The clients of DQ Australia may not understand all aspects of digital technology, but they certainly understand its ability to cause disruptions. They understand the potential of digital technology in boosting productivity, reducing costs, increasing revenues, increasing margins, facilitating repeat business and encouraging referrals.

The clients of DQ Australia work with us to augment leads, increase conversion rates, communicate brand messages efficiently, sell online, automate business processes and make better decisions. through automated data gathering and analysis.

The clients of DQ Australia are clear-thinking executives who avoid jargon, work collaboratively, know we understand their business and have an understanding of the options required to make informed and reliable decisions. Thus, enabling DQ Australia to deliver agreed outcomes on time, to budget and agreed specifications.



of marketers believe what sets their team apart from the rest is their investment in tools and technology.


of marketers said that they lagged when it comes to skills.


of marketing leaders said they had the skills but not the tools to implement a successful digital strategy.


of them said that the digital tools and technology provided to them made a strategic difference when compared to their peers.


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