March 22, 2020

1 – Know your reader

Firstly, understand who you are targeting and what they are interested in. And then deliver exactly what they are interested in rather than what you would want to write about.

2 – Engage your reader

Provide an instantly evident hook that makes the reader want to consume your content. This may be achieved by surprising, provoking or offering something truly new.

3 – Get the heading right

In my experience, nothing is more important than the heading. It needs to engage instantly and provide a clear reason for opening the communication.

4 – Use the right technology

Some 80% of all new content online now in video format and with good reason too. All of the content on Instagram is images and videos. Some people like to read, while others lack the time. So, use the right media.

5 – Be current or ahead of time

Yesterday is gone and of little interest to most. Ensure your content is all about today and tomorrow. Old news will not secure engagement unless your followers are confirmed history buffs!

6 – Make the content actionable

Assume your follower as asking: “What will I be able to do after consuming the content that I cannot do now?” People crave actionable content, i.e., the content they can use to make their lives better.

7 – Be relevant

Understand better than anyone what your audience is interested in and then proceed to address those interests in a relevant manner. In case you don’t know, ask the audience what they would be interested in.

8 – Less is more

It is a rare but highly attractive skill to say what needs to be said in the fewest possible words. Remember, people are time-poor and the faster the content can be consumed the better.

9 – Remember key words

To maximise readership or content consumption, it is important to ensure the content is search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly. Use all the relevant keywords and try to use them more than once.

10 – Use the right language

The objective of content is first and foremost to engage the audience. A language that makes you look clever but is not understood by the audience is not helpful. So, facilitate understanding.

11 – Post often

Occasional posts may work for you, but they don’t work for most. Frequent and, ideally, regular posting is important if you are trying to build a following. Posting daily is a good practice.

12 – Demonstrate ahead of telling

Demonstrating a point with images or statistics enhances its credibility and gravitas than simply stating it.

13 – Use images

Content incorporating photographs, videos, infographics, graphs or other images tends to be much better read than content that does not. Make your content visually engaging.

14 – Source and use backlinks

Credibility is also enhanced when accurate content is well-sourced and sources are recognised. Search engines respond favourably to sourcing by way of bank links. So, use them. 

15 – Be original

You will garner a larger audience when your content is original or at least offers original ideas. Originality can provoke thought and inspire.

16 – Curate from the greats

There are some great minds out there. If original content is not your thing, source really insightful content from people who are really respected. However, avoid relying on reproducing much-used quotes.

17 – Interview someone interesting

Interviews are a popular form of content, hence, they are frequently found on highly popular podcasts. Interview interesting people and ask them interesting questions. Avoid the same old stuff.

18 – Engage guests

If you have a blog and you are publishing regularly, consider mixing it up a bit. Invite others to submit content that you can post with or without your own commentary.

19 – Publish case studies

Case studies enhance credibility. Audiences also relate to case studies, especially where they involve organisations or individuals familiar to them. Use case studies to reinforce a point.

20 – Tell stories

Everyone loves a story. As with a speech, few things work better in content to be posted online than a story that the audience can relate to and engage with. Stories are remembered more than facts.

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