March 18, 2020
Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Digital marketing is evolving with each passing day. And being adequately informed about the latest digital marketing trends helps stakeholders tackle the marketing challenges in the best possible manner. A quick exploration of these trends is a good idea as that will help make any proposed digital marketing campaigns work better by enabling them to acquire top rankings.

Below is an outline of the most recent digital marketing trends that you cannot evade in 2020.


  • AI & Automation

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is making a significant contribution to the field advertising and market research, and this will continue to sustain through 2020. Its evolution has picked up traction over time as the uncertainly regarding the delivery of results has reduced considerably. AI is increasingly being used by companies for tracking search patterns, understanding consumer behavior and using information derived from popular social media platforms to understand consumer feedback. Furthermore, AI is being used to create automated advertisements. Implementation of AI also allows you to significantly cut costs.

  • Voice Search

According to a study, about one-third of smartphone users in the world are currently using voice-activated search. The rising use of voice-based apps and gadgets like smartphone assistants and smart speakers have paved the way for voice search, making it the biggest development influencing digital marketing trends in 2020. Adoption of voice search enables users to find information through audio content thereby improving your business’ presence in voice searches and optimise sites to acquire better ranking for targeted keywords.

  • Chatbots

The chatbot is an AI-based technology that uses instant messaging to communicate at a formal level anytime with site visitors and consumers. The chatbot works like a virtual brand ambassador and helps in quick resolution of preliminary queries. It offers personal assistance without requiring any human resources and automates repetitive tasks. This programmable software is cost-effective and installed easily. The technology will continue to be implemented in websites in 2020 to facilitate more efficient and prompt customer service and improving web presence.

  • Programmatic Advertising

Implementing programmatic advertising will enable you to optimise your advertising campaigns online. It makes use of AI and machine-learning algorithms to automate ad buying and helps to reach the target audience faster for higher conversions. Tasks like the placement of ads, performance tracking and media buying are made easier. Automated systems like SmartyAds and Adobe Marketing Cloud help to navigate the path of online advertising and save time. It is set to bring a positive change in the world of digital advertising and it is anticipated that most of the digital display ads will be programmatic in 2020.

  • Content Marketing

Content will continue to be the king in 2020 because that’s how potential customers get all the required information. Search engines display outcomes based on content, which is widely recognised as search engine optimisation (SEO). Developing interactive content and videos as part of the content marketing strategy is the latest trend in digital marketing. A site with well-written content helps add credibility to the business.

  • Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most important digital marketing strategies today and is likely to remain so in the coming years. For consumers, it is a convenient and compelling way to know about new products and services. By incorporating video content on your site and social networks, you can drive up to fifty times more organic search results because Google prefers pages containing videos for rankings. Furthermore, in video marketing, the content can be reformatted easily and live videos on Instagram and Facebook Live can be viewed for a longer duration.

  • Social Messaging Apps

According to a study, it has been found that people and businesses share about 10 billion messages through Facebook Messenger in a month. Social messaging apps are not only used for exchanging messages with relatives and acquaintance but also for marketing products and services because potential customers are present most of the time on social media. It enables businesses to interact directly with customers. Meanwhile, even customers want businesses to be present on messaging apps.

  • PWAs

Progressive web apps (PWA)s are set to be the next big thing as they combine the best technologies of mobile and web apps. PWAs are websites that function almost like mobile apps, with added features like push notifications, fast loading time, ability to utilise device hardware, offline operability and much more. Moreover, they are not restricted to any single platform. It is expected that the number of smartphone users would reach 2.87 billion in 2020, thereby increasing the number of total page views by about 50% every year.

  • Big Data & Deep Learning

There has been an increasing trend to employ the immense power of big data and deep learning in digital marketing this year as it is bringing about massive changes by facilitating accurate marketing decisions. They help to understand present industry trends as well as past activities and performance of a business. Big data enables businesses to utilise data innovatively while designing products. Out of the large volumes of data that businesses have to deal with, it is big data that helps in the identification of beneficial insights. Enterprises can obtain better insights and maintain greater transparency. Deep learning or machine learning helps to boost productivity by utilising data, content and online channels.

  • 5G Technology

5G or fifth-generation wireless network technology is going to make waves in 2020. It is anticipated that 5G will be a thousand times faster than the existing 4G. Several smartphone manufacturing companies are gearing up to launch their 5G-compatible smartphones. The technology will enable digital marketers to personalise their content and make use of higher-resolution ads.

Digital Trends to Rule Digital Marketing

It is the effective implementation of all these latest digital marketing trends that will make your digital marketing strategies successful. This will result in not only the making of compelling marketing campaigns but also help in achieving better rankings in terms of SEO.

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