November 26, 2019
Ensure Your Website Attracts And Engages Target Audiences – 5 Useful Tips

50 milliseconds and it’s all over

Recent research found that users form an opinion of your website in just 0.05 seconds – and that the opinion formed will determine whether they leave or stay. Given the huge investment many businesses have in their website – this is a very important 50 milliseconds – and even if they decide to stay – they still need to engage – for without engagement no business will be done.

Here are the first 5 of 20 tips on how to make the most of your website investment

1/5 – Embrace AI and use ‘new age’ chat-bots
At a time when users are demanding high website interactivity – artificial intelligence is reshaping the optimum approach to website development and the use of ‘new age’ chat-bots that can provide that interactivity 

2/5 Pay very close attention to colour

Bold designs with vibrant and flashy colours with real time images are now very much on trends, and with good reason. They can make a site significantly more compelling for users.

3/5 Use animation with motion UI- Make your website as animated as possible but keep in mind that it does not interfere with website loading time. Animation will engage users and increase the effectiveness of the site

4/5 Prioritise security with SSL and HTTPS – More secure the website is more users are likely to trust it and more likely it is to function un-interrupted. Use the very latest technology to protect your website with cyber-attacks.

5/5 Incorporate call-to-action functions – A call-to-action button make it easy for customers to respond as you want them to do. Multiply CTA buttons on the website can help to increase conversions, interactions and sales.

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