December 2, 2019
20 Emails A Week Successfully Ignored

How often do you receive an email from a digital marketing genius you have never heard of, promising to bring you leads in a volume you will struggle to cater for at the cost so low, you cannot afford to ignore them?

I get between 5 and 10 every single day and I ignore every single one of them, which I dearly hope you do too dear reader. If they are so good at lead generation – why are they sending me emails I am bound to ignore?

How many times have you spoken to an SEO consultant who uses jargon designed to evade your understanding and articulating concepts he or she is desperately hoping you will not understand and see through?

I have spoken to more such consultants than I care to mention, and every time I am reminded of the words of Albert Einstein – ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’. I am allergic to consultants who talk jargon.

How often have you engaged a digital marketing ‘guru’ on a ‘small’ retainer which you have paid diligently month in and month out, along with the unforeseen’ extras, only to find the results are negligible – and be told that you had ‘unrealistic expectations’

This has happened to me two or three times and the thing that infuriated me most was the fact that they set the expectations in the first place. Most SEO and digital marketing consultants I have come across have promised the world and delivered an atlas.

As an advisor there have also been many times where I have had to inform a client that the instant results promised by an SEO consultant are 6 months away, that the digital advertisements they have placed will not be seen due to adblockers, or that the website they paid a small fortune for could have been produced for half the cost with twice the interactivity.

As an advisor I have had to help clients sift through the crap dished out by social media consultants and ‘content developers’ who know nothing about the target market, less about the business they are advising and even less about the product they are supposed to be selling. Many of them are fresh out of university theorists with no life experience.

With this in mind, my newsletter will from November 18 include digital marketing tips that businesses can use themselves without a consultant and with absolute confidence. I really hope this helps

To source these tips, I went to an old mate in the digital marketing arena who I really do trust – a guy who can explain just about anything to anyone and who has consistently delivered as promised. On contacting him, I found out that he is now Digital Operations Manager for DQ Australia. When I looked into DQ Australia more closely, I like what I saw so much, that I agreed to Chair the business in Australia. Have a look……..

As you can tell, this is a subject I am passionate about. Digital marketing is the future of commercial communication and the lightweights are causing irreparable damage. Fortunately, there are exceptions, and if you are astute you can do a lot yourself.

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