August 26, 2021
Everything You Need To Know About The New Google Analytics 4 [GA4]

Not too long ago, Google launched a brand-new version of the Analytics tool. This is the new and default of their universally popular web traffic analysis and data collection software. Google Analytics is used by hundreds and thousands of people across the globe to track down communication on offline APIs, mobile applications and web domains. But Google’s newest addition Google analytics 4 is on another level. It stands out to be a lot more different than the traditional or classic version of the Google Analytics tool.

What Exactly Is GA4 or Google Analytics 4?

Google has described GA4 analytics software as the next-generation approach towards AI-based predictive data, privacy-first tracking and x-channel measurement. With the help of the highly advanced ML(Machine Learning) models of Google, the brand-new analytics tool will easily fill out all the information for user behaviour and website traffic. For such reasons, Google analytics 4 will be relying on having hits coming from all the web pages. So you will know the lead generation sources in a much better way.

On the other hand, the Google analytics 4 commerce was built on the same platform as the App + Web system, released way back in 2019. The analytic version of the App + Web was mainly designed for cross-channel data. This means that it provided a way for all the marketers to track down all the users through websites, applications, and software hassle-free.

Google Analytics 4 features
Image Source: Google

This clearly shows that the software’s main objective is to move the data displayed and concentrate on the user’s journey from the first visit till the last conversion. Apart from that, GA4 is all about events, and it’s one of the most important ways through which all the data are represented on Google Analytics. 

What Are The Capabilities Of Google Analytics 4?

Given below are some of the capabilities that you find about the new Google Analytics 4. Take a look!

  • The software will enable all the marketers to correct, fine-tune, and edit all the events and how they are tracked within the analytics without editing out the on-site code.
  • It will have no issues when working with Google Adwords, which is a must-needed tool for all the marketers as it will help them grow their respective online businesses.
  • Data import can include a diverse range of information from non-site sources, such as applications with one property.
  • It also provides cross-domain tracking, which doesn’t require code adjustments and will be done with the help of UI.
  • Google Analytics 4 also offers a Life Circle Report. This stands out as one of Analytics’ most prominent and newest transformations and focuses mainly on the user’s journey. It also offers template reports for all the commerce funnels giving all the marketers a brand-new way to visualise and display information.

Other Things To Know About The Google Analytics 4

There are many new things you will surely come across through this new version of Google Analytics. To know what they are, check the points given below.

1. User Identity

The user identity is viewed as one of the essential improvements of the GA4 software. The classic version of the analytics measures the users through the default option by using the ClientID. But now, it’s different. Individuals are free to use their very own User IDs to track down the users across various sites and platforms in a hassle-free manner and get to monitor their behaviour.

2. Latest Backend

In the classic version of Google Analytics, you will find the basic analytics tracking and Marketing Automation system. This is directed towards the “pageview” tracking, and people are well aware that pageviews are not helpful.

So, when you wanted to gather some different user behaviour, you had to use the custom implementation by using custom JavaScript and Google Tag Manager. But when you make a GA4 property, you will instantly enable the automatic measurement option.

This feature will collect all the basic events, such as video engagement, scrolls, downloads, and clicks. The gathering work will be done without the requirement of additional implementation.

3. The DebugView

Google brought in another practical element within the Google Analytics 4 software and is none other than the DebugView. DebugView was only available on Firebase, but now, it’s available on this brand-new analytics software.

You can easily watch the entire chronological order of all the events that have taken place. Apart from that, the DebugView will allow people to test out whether the tracking option is working or not. To use the DebugView, take the help of the Chrome extension. Otherwise, you can access the preview mode of the Google Tag Manager.

Final Thoughts

Google Analytics 4 is a brand-new model from Google. It stands out to be a lot more advance than the traditional version can come with many features. With the help of software, Google promises that the users will surely get to receive an experience, which will be new and unique at the same time.

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